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uSwitch is a relatively new company, having been established in 2000. It provides a comparison site for consumers to find the best energy, insurance, personal finance and communications packages for them. One of the major parts of its business is the broadband comparison site.

The company was started by Lord Milford Haven in September 2000 and just £4 million was spent in the initial investment. At first it concentrated on gas and electricity and soon expanded into communications in 2001. Since its inception, it has purchased buy.co.uk and UpMyStreet.com, plus the US comparison site Shopzilla.

uSwitch has 130 partners and 2,000 affiliates. The uSwitch calculator also appears on a number of other websites.

uSwitch Broadband is a part of the uSwitch comparison site which focuses on broadband options. The site offers customers a range of broadband companies to choose from and compares all of the major packages including bundles. Customers are able to search depending on the type of service they are wanting. This can be broadband alone, broadband and phone or broadband ,mobile and phone. In addition, digital TV packages can be included by some providers.

However, the site is much more than simply a way to find the best broadband deal, it also provides a wealth of information on broadband and how it works. A number of articles on the site explain the meaning of broadband, how to choose the best deal, what the speed variations mean, what is a router and what to do if you have a Mac. In addition, customers can get information on what it means if your downloads are limited.

The companies which uSwitch broadband deal with are most of the high street brands. These include Talk Talk, Virgin Media, Orange, BT, Plusnet and Be. Other smaller providers are also included in the comparison options to give a fuller picture of the market. In addition to being able to choose the best option, the site also gives customers details of any special offers being given by certain providers. This might include vouchers, cash back or free equipment.

Uswitch also conducts the annual Broadband Customer Service Satisfaction Awards where it rates broadband providers in eleven categories including best value for money, best overall customer satisfaction and best technical support. They believe that this information gives the consumer more opportunity to make and informed decision about the provider they want to go with. The award is regarded to be one of the most prestigious for broadband providers to win.

For navigation, this is a first as far as we've seen with not only all the main domain addresses such as www.uswitch.com, www.uswitch.co.uk, www.u-switch.com and www.u-switch.co.uk being registered to the company, but also most of the expected variations such as www.youswitch.com, www.youswitch.co.uk, www.you-switch.com and www.you-switch.co.uk which is pretty impressive considering the generic nature of the words and the exploding comparison industry. The only navigation suggestion therefore is to book mark the section you want to get back to. †

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