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Wales Needs Better Broadband:
A Welsh affairs committee has stated that the economy of Wales is being harmed by poor broadband and this could be leading to less investment...
4G Launches in the UK:
Everything Everywhere officially launched their new 4G mobile service this week and announced they expect it to be available in 16 UK cities ...
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Welcome:   Farmers Don't Need Fast Broadband!

With the installation of over 4,000 superfast broadband cabinets in Kensington and Chelsea, plus the free wi-fi you get in London - it's not surprising that country folks are up in arms about an MP's claims that their needs are less:

A suggestion that people living in rural areas and in particular farmers, do not need high speed internet access has led to fury among farming populations. Graham Jones, the MP for Haslingden and Hyndburn has suggested that the funding for broadband is best spent in urban areas because investment in rural areas will not lead to more jobs. The Countryside Alliance has hit back at the comments and points out that people need access to online services and that business growth depends on it. They say that the demand for broadband is growing and that faster networks are needed to meet the need now and in the future.

Plans for superfast broadband in the Kensington and Chelsea areas of London have been scuppered after the council rejected planning permissions for the required street cabinets. BT found that 96 of its 108 applications for the cabinets had been rejected by the local council, leaving 34,000 homes without the superfast service. BT points out that they have already installed 4,000 cabinets in London without complaint. BT have confirmed that they were forced to stop the rollout in the area due to the fact that the council did not want a cluttered look to their streets. BT say they will now focus their deployment in other areas where planners have taken a more positive approach and where they are keen that local residents and businesses can benefit from the increased broadband speeds.

London residents will however, be able to take advantage of wi-fi services on the underground and at train stations from the end of July this year thanks to Virgin Media. The provider has announced the stations which will get the service first with 80 stations in the running. A further 40 stations will get wi-fi by the end of the year. Virgin Media has been conducting trials over the last few weeks involving hundreds of different devices running simultaneously to see if this would affect the service.

BT has carried out a global survey of the use of the new Ipv6 Internet protocol and discovered that the use of the Internet addressing system is increasing. They found that 13% of the organisations in their survey had made the move to Ipv6 on all or part of their network which is an increase from 5% last year. Two fifths say that they will be using the protocol within the next two years and half say that changes are needed across their entire network. 57% are advanced in their rollout plans and 22% felt that their involvement was not necessarily justified. Tim Rooney from BT has said that BT is investing in the transition on their own behalf and that they have been following the trend towards Ipv6 over the last seven years. The results coincide with World Ipv6 Launch Day on June 6.

Mobile phone manufacturer Ericsson has suggested that 3G mobile broadband coverage is expanding worldwide and that by 2017, 85% of the world will have either 3G or 4G coverage. Currently these levels only exist on a 2G basis and only half of the population has 3G access. In addition mobile subscriptions are likely to increase from the current 6.2 billion to close to 9 billion by 2017. Mobile broadband subscriptions will also increase from 1 billion to 5 billion in the same time period. It is also expected that 50% of the globe will have access to 4G mobile broadband services. Douglas Gilstrap from Ericsson has said that people now see the internet as being essential for their mobile device and this has led to increased traffic. † [last update: 06.06.12]

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